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Siege Engineers is a development collective around Age of Empires II.

Some of our members develop various tools and services related to the game. On this page we showcase some of those projects. For a more extensive list, check out the GitHub organisation.

You can also join our Discord server to chat with people and learn more. We strive to work together, share ideas, and teach others. You are also welcome to just lurk around if you're shy.


Join the fun, chat with fellow technical AoE2 enthusiasts!

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GitHub Organisation

Unlike AoE2, much of our source code is free to look at!

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Your project here!



Find tournament maps or showcase your own creations!

The website hosts a vast collection of random map scripts, many of which were included in tournament map pools. Users can upload random map scripts alongside images (usually full map screenshots) for anyone else to download.

Additional functionalities include a map pack creator as well as the option to automatically add custom game modes like Sudden Death or Exploding Villagers.


The AoE2 tech tree in your web browser

Really, it is not much more than that.

RMS snippets

Accessible RMS tricks

This little website lets anyone host and share small random map script snippets with syntax highlighting and autoformatting.


A mini DLL mod loader for Age of Empires 2: The Conquerors.


Access basic game data quickly

Halfon lets you search through basic game data like unit or building ids, names, stats, and costs, as well as technologies' ids, names, and costs. It includes data for HD (2013) as well as for the Definitive Edition.